We all rely on our transport system to get us where we need to be. Whether it’s the daily commute, a trip to the shops, visiting friends or getting to school, transport should help us get on with our lives — not be an expensive source of frustration.

Our current transport system means that we’ve ended up with congested roads and poisonous air. Instead of getting to where we need to be quickly, we’re too often stuck in traffic. It’s a waste of time, money and potential. What’s worse, there are around 3,000 premature deaths caused by air pollution in our region every year.

We need a transport system that supports our economy. This means investing in local and regional transport links so that people can get to jobs and business can thrive. The Black Country in particular is crying out for a better transport network.

Creating a sustainable, accessible and affordable transport system, where we can get around more quickly, cheaply, pleasantly and conveniently, by using safe 24/7 public transport, is within the power of the WMCA and the mayor. As your mayor, I will use that power.